What is chiropractic care?

Being a chiropractor in Spain, more specifically Albir, not to far from the better-known Benidorm, is very different from England. Why? Because Spanish people have very little knowledge about what a chiropractor does. We here about other therapists saying they “do chiropractic,” all the time and on a daily basis we have to clarify what we in fact are trying to accomplish with the patient.  First of all, let me first explain what chiropractic care is NOT:
Chiropractic care is not a quick fix or a patch job for your sudden “bad back”. It is not concerned with dealing drugs or surgery. Chiropractic care IS concerned about full structural correction of your specific spinal problem and maintaining just so.

There are 2 distinct parts to chiropractic care in order to accomplish this:
1. Correction phase going from RED zone (disease and symptoms) to GREEN zone (health and wellness). The corrective phase is the most challenging, but alos the most rewarding for both the chiropractor and patient.
2. Protection phase (some people like to call it maintenance or wellness care).

A lot of patients come to us as a last resolution and are happy that we can finally make a difference and move forward with their health issue. At Advanced Chiropractic we see problems like low back pain or sciatica up to very complex problems where people can hardly walk. All of which will require passing through the different phases of healing, a process that requires time. Some patients heal faster than others, but we are always looking after you, listening to your concerns and needs. Our goal is to get you to the GREEN zone as fast as possible.

Here is what Ian Black, who works as a hairdresser has to say about the chiropractic care:
“I came in with neck problems which were bothering me everyday. I found it very difficult to work without suffering. Everyday was a struggle. Since coming to see Dr.Ben at the chiropractic centre I feel more straight, have better balance and have stopped feeling the constant discomfort in my neck. Now I have moved forward to wellness care, which means I am holding my chiropractic adjustments very well. I have already recommended some of my friends to go, and they too are happy with the care they have received. A big thanks to chiropractic!”

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Aleksander is a Doctor of Chiropractic with an emphasis on holistic and vitalistic health.