How to save yourself from back pain when on holiday in Benidorm

Thousands of Brits come flocking over to Benidorm for their holidays to enjoy the sun, beach and to relax. It is a “home” from home offering British everything they desire. However, we see hundreds of holiday makers every year who have a flare up of back pain. They may have a chiropractor or osteopath in the UK who has treated previous episodes but now they are on vacation. Why now??. Here is the reason why:

They arrive in Spain after sitting for 3 hours in the most inconvenient and uncomfortable seat (Ryanair). Then in a twisted position they pull the hand luggage (which typically weighs that bit more than the 10kg allowance) out from the luggage compartment with muscles that are half asleep after not moving for hours. After that they get their suitcases which weighs 20.0 kilos and no more…, plonking all onto the trolley (which has a mind of it’s own) to go and sit on a bus for another hour to do the same routine again getting up to the hotel room.
Not surprisingly (at least to us chiropractors), the onset of excruciating back pain begins within 24 hours after the damage has been done.

If you are reading this and thinking “that’s me right now”, don’t wait, pick up the phone and call us to see if we can still save your holiday.

If you are reading this in hope to prevent any future back pain flaring up, good on you. Here are four simple steps to prevent back pain when on holiday:

1. When lifting your luggage always bend your legs (as opposed to your waist) and never ever stand twisted while doing so. Then you are asking for trouble. Equal amount of weight in boths hands if possible.

2. Make use of the trolleys. They cost 1GBP in England and they are free in Alicante.

3. Get up and activate your muscles 30 minutes before the plain expect to land. Walking, stretching, rocking your hips is sufficient. Before grabbing your overweight hand luggage from the overhead compartment tense your stomach muscles (in a good erect posture) which helps protect the back.

4. When you finally arrive in Benidorm go for a walk or take a swim as soon as possible. This might help get rid of any muscle stiffness you might have picked up.

At Advanced Chiropractic in Albir (no more than 10 min drive from Benidorm) we have licensed chiropractors with many years of experience helping people with acute back pain, sciatica, stiff necks and other conditions related to the spine.

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Aleksander is a Doctor of Chiropractic with an emphasis on holistic and vitalistic health.