3 simple solutions for maintaining your chiropractic adjustments

The question which arises frequently in chiropractic offices is:

“I feel better now, how long do I have to keep coming for spinal care?”

The simple answer is: “As long as you would like to have a healthy spine.” A similar question I asked when I first started going to the gym ten years ago. I am still going because I like the benefits.

What I find people really want to know, the hidden secret behind the question. Which is; how can I hold my spinal correction for a longer period of time?

There are many ways to do this but there are 3 very potent and very simple solutions for this:

  1. Keep moving.
    I could not put more important emphasis on this one subject. If you don’t use it, you loose it, as the saying goes. That is very applicable here. Joints and discs are avascular, meaning they have no direct blood supply. So how do they get their nutrients for regenerating? Well, when we move the spine and its joints and discs we move the fluids in and out. This is the only way we can ensure proper healing of the spinal structures and a much greater ability to hold (or maintain) your chiropractic adjustments longer. Go on, get up and move your body around.
  1. Stretch.
    Our body has what we call a ‘postural memory.’ So, if you have been crooked for a long time (decades possibly), then your postural memory is not working in favour of your spinal corrective care. Stretching is a very easy and simple way of changing this memory so you can hold your chiropractic adjustments longer. Stretch!!
  1. Stay away from toxic foods.
    If our body always has to put energy to battle and get rid of toxins you put in you mouth (sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, pesticides…) then you will be robbing your body of the opportunity to recover optimally. Stay away as much as possible!!
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Aleksander is a Doctor of Chiropractic with an emphasis on holistic and vitalistic health.